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Category:  Cash Flow Management

Happy New Year everyone! Can you believe it’s already 2017? Many of you would have come from vacation feeling all motivated and Interesting Ways to Gear Yourself geared up to strike 2017. Now is the perfect time to plan and implement your new ideas. Below are some simple and highly effective tips for you to make your work life a lot less stressful and much easier. 1. Lay your roadmap It’s about time you prepped Read More

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New Year is around the corner; and in a jiffy, your tax season will be here too! All you need is a little knowledge and preparation to stay calm and composed when you file for the taxes next year. Whether you are electronically filing your returns or traditionally mailing your paper returns, below are the necessary information that you need to know. 4 THINGS YOU SHOULD START DOING RIGHT NOW TO WELCOME THE TAX SEASON Read More

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December 01, 2016

Category:  Taxation

So, HOW CAN YOU PAY LESSER TAX AND SAVE MORE FOR YOUR RETIREMENT? Have you ever wondered about this? And then thought Super contributions could be the best way to start saving more for retirement rather than paying the humongous amount of tax. If you have not, think now! For, Super gives you incredible tax benefits. At some point in time, everyone would ask this one question their accountant which is “How can I save tax?” Read More

Category:  Taxation

Are you a single owner or an active member of an LLC (Limited Liability Company)? Are you looking to transform your company to a multi-member LLC?  Whatever it is, you will have some questions on the tax part of your business. Below are a few things you need to know as an LLC owner: Tax laws for LLC- Basic: Firstly, it is very important to know the way in which an LLC is structured as Read More

cash flow management

Category:  Cash Flow Management

Have you just started up your own business? Are you looking for tips to manage your cash flow? Does the cash flow management intimidate you? Worry not and Read through…. Keep track of your cash flow:   This would be the easiest tip of them all. Everything you need to do is constantly monitor and measure your cash flow. Here are some tips you can follow to do the same: Start measuring your cash flow Read More

Would you like to focus on your core business, concentrate on the client base, and be more productive? Yes? We know right? Everyone running their business would love that. Business owners would at some point in time feel that Accounting is hogging his time and it is not a very productive job but an essential one.   In this era, with internet in hand the world has shrunk so much that you can contact anyone Read More

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QuickBooks, a product of Intuit, is one of the best selling software for bookkeeping and accounts. QuickBooks is very easy to install and use – as it does not have any prerequisites to start using it. QuickBooks outsourcing is incredibly useful for small business accounting as it provides top-notch professional services. There are plethoras of benefits on using QuickBooks, some of which are mentioned below: Time saving: It saves a lot of time for small Read More

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