Outsourced Real Estate Bookkeeper: Running a real estate business is no small task, even if it is a small business. You have to deal with multiple clients demanding your full attention on top of regulation compliance, market volatility, internal operations, and a multitude of other responsibilities. One of those responsibilities that can add significantly to the difficulty is the management of financial transactions. Pinning down exact numbers for multiple property transactions in a dynamic and Read More

Tables of Content: Nonprofit Bookkeeping and Accounting Terms Accounts Receivable Accrual-Basis Accounting Amortization Accounts Payable Audit Bank Reconciliation Balance Sheet (Financial Health) Chart of Accounts Cash-Basis Accounting Encoding Current Liabilities Donor Advised Fund Depreciation Deferred Revenue Forecast Functional Expense Report Form 990 Fixed Assets Grants In-Kind Contribution Income statement (Statement of Activities) Indirect Costs Journal Entry Liquidity Liability Management Letter Net Assets Prepaid Expense Pledge Release from Restriction Statement of Cashflows Unrealized Gain or Loss Read More

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Tables of Content: A Bookkeeping Guide for SMEs Step 1: Separate Your Business And Personal Expenses. Step 2: Choose An Accounting System. Step 3: Choose An Accounting Method: Cash Or Accrual. Step 4: Choose The Right Tools. Step 5: Make Sure Your Transactions Are Categorized. Separate Your Business And Personal Expenses The first step to mastering your business finances is simple: bookkeeping for small businesses starts by creating a bank account and separating your business Read More

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August 29, 2022

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Tables of Content: 15 Essential Bookkeepers Daily Tasks Daily Accounts Management Manage Emails Up-to-date Record Management Invoice Management Communicate Daily Inventory Management Manage Bank Accounts Maintain Security Standards Revenue and Expense Management Payroll Management Accounts Payable Management Accounts Receivable Management Petty Cash Management Stay in Touch with Management Categorize Transactions 1. Daily Accounts Management The bookkeepers have to record business transactions into the designated accounting software to know the exact cash inflow and outflow numbers. Read More

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Tables of Content: 6 Practices for Effective Budgeting and Forecasting- One Must Need to Know Start by creating a budget and sticking to it Plan for both short-term and long-term expenses Anticipate changes in your income and expenses Use forecasting to predict future trends Review your budget regularly and make adjustments as needed Seek professional help if you need assistance creating or managing your budget Introduction If you’re like any other business owner or entrepreneur, Read More

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Accrual to Cash Basis in QB Online, There are two ways to do this either to change the basis in the account and settings page or within the specific report. Steps as an Accrual Accounting to Cash basis Accounting follows: Click the gear icon Select Account and settings. Go to the Advanced tab. Expand the Accounting section. From the Accounting method, drop-down menu select Cash Click Save On the reports, under the Accounting method section Read More

The digital age has revolutionized every aspect of daily life, including how people go about conducting real estate business. Top Real Estate & Property Management Software with an exhaustive set of features has replaced traditional property management activities, saving all parties involved time and money. Property management bookkeeping software also brings increased transparency and trust to transactions with the added convenience of having all necessary information in one place. It is not surprising that the Read More

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Are you having trouble managing your outsourced payables and receivables? We have been there done that! As you know, managing your payables and receivables is the most significant aspect of your business at all stages. You may get overwhelmed with the kind of cash you’d have to handle, and keep everything intact and going. Fret not, below are some really simple techniques you can adopt to disentangle yourself from all the payables & receivables hassles. Read More

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You might feel bookkeeping is one dreadful job, and it hogs a lot of your time. Well, you are not alone. Below are some simple steps you can follow to save your time and ensure seamless bookkeeping. 1. Go paperless You may not be an expert in bookkeeping. You might find yourself frantically searching for that bill you know you kept in some place. You can avoid this most daunting task of maintaining papers which Read More

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The right accountant should know your business very well, be able to offer suggestions at the right time, and identify the areas for improvement. If your accountant isn’t doing this, then you may need to consider looking for a professional accounting firm that does. There are several accounting and CPA firms in the marketplace. Selecting the right one that suits your business is the biggest challenge ever. People normally get suggestions/recommendations to identify the right Read More