Velan Bookkeepers Manage Books Worth Over $1 Billion Velan is in the 17th Year of Business Offering Accounting & Bookkeeping Services Velan Delivers Outsourced Bookkeeping & Accounting Services to Clients Nationwide Velan Offers Accounting & Bookkeeping Services to Small, Medium to Fortune 500 Companies Velan Bookkeepers Have Expertise in Multiple Software Platforms Including QuickBooks, Xero, Sage, FreshBooks, Myob & Accounting CS Velan Offers Bookkeeping Services to Clients in Various Industries Including CPA Firms, SMEs, Retailers, Non-Profit Organizations, Real Estate & Property Management.


The digital age has revolutionized every aspect of daily life, including how people go about conducting real estate business. Top Real Estate & Property Management Software with an exhaustive set of features has replaced traditional property management activities, saving all parties involved time and money. Property management bookkeeping software also brings increased transparency and trust to transactions with the added convenience of having all necessary information in one place. It is not surprising that the Read More

Outsourced Accounting for startup

Category:  Accounting

Time is a precious commodity for small business entrepreneurs. In addition to managing every aspect of their company’s operations, they are experts in the products and services their company provides, managing everything from sales and marketing to staff scheduling and benefits. Along the journey as you strive to expand your firm, there are obstacles at every turn of accounting for startups. Do you realize that 90% of new businesses fail? Unsuccessful financial and accounting management Read More

virtual cloud bookkeeping

Category:  Bookkeeping Services

What is meant by virtual cloud bookkeeping? It may be a tiresome chore to keep your financial records up to date, especially when you do it physically. While keeping your private financial information securely safeguarded, cloud accounting software simplifies and automates several tedious chores. In this blog learn more about how virtual cloud bookkeeping functions and why it can be a suitable choice for your company by reading on. To keep track of and record Read More

remote bookkeeping services

Category:  Bookkeeping Services

The need for remote bookkeeping services is rising. If you don’t want to waste time traveling to a bookkeeper’s office or don’t have enough office space for an in-house bookkeeper, they are a perfect alternative. Compared to typical accounting businesses, remote bookkeeping services frequently offer superior customer service and quick turnaround times. For business owners who desire to outsource the accounting process, Velan Remote Bookkeeping is the most reputable outsource remote bookkeeping service. You have Read More

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December 06, 2022

Can a CPA Perform Bookkeeping Services?

Category:  CPA Bookkeeping

Can a CPA launch a profitable accounting company? It’s important to bear in mind that you need to consider your skill set. If you have a history in taxes, you should become knowledgeable about operational accounting as well as accounting and bookkeeping. Routine accounting and bookkeeping, such as how to input a vendor bill, falls under the category of operational accounting. How is a vendor bill paid? How is a consumer payment entered? How does Read More

bookkeeper and CPA

Category:  CPA Bookkeeping

Bookkeeper and CPA: Common people sometimes struggle to understand the precise distinctions between bookkeepers, accountants, and CPAs (Certified Public Accountants). Accounting business frequently swaps the terms instead. While they all manage the funds and strive for the same objective, the range of work that each of these specialists does differs greatly. In addition to the nature of the task, there is a distinction in their professional position. Every financial transaction made by a corporation is Read More

cpa bookkeeping for startup

Category:  CPA Bookkeeping

“Choosing the Right CPA Accountant for Your Business. Finding a decent accountant is so challenging that it has even given rise to a running joke among small business owners or founders of startups.” While doing your own books may seem like a cost-effective option, hiring a professional bookkeeper for your business might end up costing much more in the long run. Employing a certified public accountant (CPA) may help you save time, money, and potentially Read More

What Is Virtual Cloud Bookkeeping

Category:  Bookkeeping Services

In the realm of small-business bookkeeping, virtual cloud bookkeeping services are getting more and more popular; as a result, the practice of bookkeepers traveling to meet with customers is becoming more of an exception than the norm. In fact, it’s probable that you won’t ever really meet most of your clients. Trusting a virtual service with your books may be challenging, and selecting the right provider can be even more challenging. In order to make Read More

Outsourced bookkeeping charges

Category:  Bookkeeping Services

What distinctions may bookkeepers make between small, medium, and big customer accounts? Let’s compare the various sizes in terms of their revenue, employee count, and other crucial criteria. The fixed monthly prices we charge for bookkeeping services and the bookkeeping activities performed for each one will then be compared to this. Our intention is to clarify for you what these breakdowns for each client look like. How much does a bookkeeper cost for a small Read More

Outsource Real Estate Accounting is focusing on the major operations of your real estate business rather than on tiresome office duties that will directly affect the growth and development of your company. Because the real estate industry is so diverse, it’s important for you to continually monitor market developments and how they may affect your company’s assets. The real estate sector now presents a very difficult operating environment. As real estate demand changes, margins are Read More

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